Forex Broker Inc. - Is This Forex Trading Business Scam?

The Forexbroker Inc scam is a new entrant in the forex trading market. The forex broker is an affiliate of the group known as Global Forex Trading. This scam is also being run by the same group that brought us the super expensive MegaDroid robot. This new program will supposedly revolutionize forex trading but is it really worth the money?

Global Forex Trading has been around for some years and is widely considered one of the most secure platforms for trading forex. The site boasts that its "robust" service allows traders to place bets on markets worldwide in just minutes without any loss of capital. The Forex Broker Inc site claims that it has "no commission fees", which is another big talking point in the forex community. With this, the owners of the site can make huge commissions from all of the traders who are signing up under them.

The Forex Broker Inc scam actually involves two different transactions: A "trading system" and a "bioinformatic" service. This service, the trading system, will allow traders to place bets using a "bio-contract". These contracts are created using a digital asset that acts like a currency. Once the trade is initiated, the traders who enter the contract will then pay a certain fee to the forex broker inc.

Forexbrokerinc Scam

The second transaction is supposedly the service itself. The program is supposed to provide traders with "an in depth look at the foreign markets and stock options trading strategies". It is also supposed to give advice about the best times to buy and sell these assets. However, no one from the company ever contacted me, nor did I ever receive any advice on the forex broker inc. itself. They sent me a "free trial demo account" but offered no money back guarantee.

If you want to try the forex trading strategies that they suggest, you will need to first sign up for the free trial account. Then you have to decide if you want to purchase a manual of the same or an e-book. Both of these are pretty good. I would recommend the e-book as it covers more detail than the e-book in the same price as the manual.

The forexbrokerinc scam is one of the more popular interactive brokers forex traders use. I would encourage anyone who wishes to learn forex trading to give it a try. Even if you lose money on occasion, your success will depend on the strategy you use. There are many great websites available for forex information and strategies.

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